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  • For our Toughbook products we guaranty

              • Operational check

              • Installation of the operating system (Windows 7)

              • Installation of all updates for the operating system

              • Installation of the most recent VIDA version

              • Installation of all available updates for VIDA

              • Check of the VIDA functionality


              You do not need to install, you receive a system which just

              needs to be plugged in.



Warranty periods:

Toughbook PANASONIC CF-31:

3 Years

Toughbook PANASONIC CF-53:



Flatscreen  DELL:

Laser printer:

Car charging cable:

Battery charger:

Wireless mouse/keyboard:

Battery for Toughbook CF-31/CF-53:

3 Years

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

6 Months



In case of technical problems:

Through your order at Result Networks you have secured the three-year warranty on Panasonic Toughbooks and our free Support: Report your problem through a TIE-report - we do the rest for you!

That means during the warranty period you will get a loan unit free of charge while your Toughbook is checked and repaired. The timing is planned so that the constraints are reduced to a minimum.

If the check with your unit has the result that guarantee does not apply (such as a damage by force), we will contact you and clarify about the costs and alternatives you have, in advance of the repair.

For questions about VOLVO software you can contact the responsible helpdesk.