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Your Volvo diagnostic hardware - provided by ResultNetworks GmbH
In our online shop we offer companies the latest selection of certified and tested diagnostic hardware systems for your Volvo workshop.


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  • A few minutes after registration you will receive an email with a registration link which leads you directly into our online shop. You have immediate access to all information, technical equipment details, delivery times and prices.
  • All offers and current information can be found in six European languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian).
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  • We offer a straightforward purchase of your VOLVO hardware products: - Clear - comfortable – safe
  • You receive all products and services from one source.
  • Completely installed a system which just needs to be plugged in.

Detailed information including the three-year warranty for the Toughbooks, about support and free replacement units in warranty cases as well as delivery state of our devices, we have summarized for you in the  Customer Information.

Please be aware that the communication device (DICE) must be ordered separately from Volvo!